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11 Questions Buyers Should Ask Themselves

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you can save a lot of time and effort by considering a few questions before you meet with a real estate agent. These questions not only give shape to your desire to buy a home, but they ensure your meeting with an agent will be productive. 11 Qestions Buyers Should Ask Themselves (PDF)

Home Buying Myth #135

Buyer: “I liked this house a lot, but with this market, I bet it’ll still be here if I decide to buy it.”

Reality: It’s very painful to see a client love a home but fail to make a move to purchase it. If you fell in love with it, why wouldn’t someone else? Just because a property has been on the market a little while doesn’t mean it will stay on the market. Anecdotal evidence indicates that once an agent shows such a property, the likelihood of it being shown and/or sold in next two weeks is very high.

The main takeaway with this myth is this:  Your “perfect” home is probably going to be a home with some small compromises. If you don’t make an offer on a home, you’re effectively saying, “I’m comfortable losing this home.

My job as an agent is to represent your interests and do my best to protect you along the way. If you’re pursuing a home purchase in the near future, please get in touch. There are many other ways I can lower your stress and help you find a great home.

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