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If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve probably come across a few things in your home that you’d like to upgrade or renovate. There are lots of home projects that aren’t too complicated to complete if you have a good guide. In that spirit, I thought I’d share three great channels on YouTube full of home maintenance and repair videos.

These channels have videos for a wide range of jobs and even include some reviews on tools you might want to have handy. You can save a lot of money (and really enjoy your home) when you learn more about taking care of it.

Here are my top four picks:


Ron Hazelton


Tips for Maximizing Small Living Spaces

Clutter driving you nuts? Did you move in with someone only to find you have duplicates of everything from headboards to can openers? Here are 7 tips to help you make the most out of small spaces:

1. Weed out the extras. A yard sale will alleviate some clutter and a trip to the local Goodwill even more. A good rule of thumb: Anything you haven’t needed in a year can go.

2. Bookcases are for more than books! Your walls are your vertical friends for storage, and good book shelving can include plants, valuables, artwork and more.

3. Wall-mount entertainment systems. Television / cable / DVD cabinets are so pre-2000! Free up floor space by going with sleek bolt-in mounts. (Just make sure they’re anchored properly!)

4. Don’t pile it, hang it! This is especially true in kitchens where you can use pot racks, hanging baskets, and even wall-mounted shelving units.

5. Maximize cabinets and closets with organizers. Poor use of cabinet space can easily waste more than 30% of usable “hidden” space. There’s great hardware out there to tune up the interior of your cabinets and closets.

6. Go below. A raised bed is a great way to free up storage space equal to the square footage of your bed. Using baskets and drawers can ensure the below-the-bed storage remains tidy as well.

7. Paint light. Dark walls make small rooms feel smaller. For those rooms that feel a little too close for comfort, dial up the brightness with a fresh coat of a light colored paint.

Remember:  Organization and smart storage can turn a tiny home into a cozy abode.

Of course, if you’re ready to upgrade your home rather than squeeze the last few inches out of your existing space, get in touch!

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A Picture’s Worth

When you’re thinking about hiring an agent to help you market and sell your home, it’s probably a good idea to ask to see listing photos of homes they’ve represented in the past. A true real estate professional will go the extra mile to make sure there are plenty of high-quality, detailed photos to help market your home online.

At the minimum, the photos should be well-lit, the homes should be tastefully presented, and the photographs should appear to be taken by a professional. Less than that, and you might want to consider looking for a new agent. Or make sure the current one has someone more capable to go out and take some new high-quality photos.


Selling the house through the garage

Getting ready to sell your house? If you want to make it shine, don’t forget to pay attention to the garage! Staging all your rooms can make a big difference.

Making a house on the market shine is all about attention to detail. If you’re going the extra mile to ensure your home is a stand-out, you’ll probably go beyond the typical touch-ups that refresh curb appeal. You might even decide to stage your home, especially if you’re not living in it while it’s for sale.

One “room” you don’t want to forget when you stage? Your garage!

Staging a garage may sound excessive, but it’s an important and frequently-used entryway to a home. While many prospective buyers may expect a dark, cluttered, unfinished concrete box, you can surprise and delight them by following these simple garage staging tips:

1. Clear out the clutter. Yes, it might mean renting storage space, but that can be a good idea anyway when you’re staging a home to impress. Weed through the junk, have your garage sale, and then store the balance off-site.

2. Enhance the floors. Cracked, stained, or otherwise shoddy looking concrete flooring can be a visual turn-off. If you’re not planning on sealing, priming, and painting the floor, at least get a suitable cleaning chemical or power washer to brighten up the flooring.

3. Organize what remains. A workshop area with hook boards for small tools can be appealing, especially if great care is taken to make the area look tidy and functional.

4. Create more storage space on walls or hanging from the ceiling. Provided your garage isn’t low-ceilinged or particularly tight, shelving and hanging racks can show your buyers how much room they’ll have to keep extra tools, seasonal decorations, or sports equipment handy.

5. Tune up the lighting. A nice hanging fluorescent fixture, plugged into outlets or existing fixture outlets can change your garage from a dungeon into a clean, inviting place. Besides, don’t you want to highlight all that hard work you’ve done?

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