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Best Places to Look for Rental Houses

Maybe you can’t purchase a home at this time, but want to move nearer to a great school for the kids, or reduce your commute to work, or even move closer to your family (Hey, it could happen.).

The following is my short list of the best web sites for locating a home that is either for rent or rent-to-own. As of this writing, none require your information in exchange for showing homes that are available. If or when that changes, I’ll remove those sites from this list.

Phenix City Real Estate
Real Estate AOL Rentals

Benefits of Owning vs Renting

  • It’s mine! 🙂 vs It’s theirs 🙁
  • Equity! vs Money lost
  • Freedom to change or remodel vs Can’t do that here
  • Pride-of-ownership vs Just my stuff in their building
  • Choice of location vs Only where there’s apartments/rental house
  • Big yard for the kids & pets vs Just a patch of grass or worse
  • Private pool all to ourselves vs Shared pool with neighborhood
  • Private secure garage/carport vs Shared parking lot/spaces (others can damage my car)
  • Pay off mortgage & it’s 100% my home! vs Never-ending payments and increases
  • Get an equity line of credit: for car, vacation, remodel, whatever! vs Only have what I can save after rent is paid
  • Choice of schools vs Only can use schools near apartment

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The Rental Trap

Does your landlord quickly handle maintenance issues? Are your neighbors quiet and courteous? Do people in your building take pride in the upkeep of common areas?

Many of the renters I’ve talked to say “No” to every one of these questions. They also feel like they have no choice but to put up with the inevitable inconveniences of renting: noise, strange odors, and lazy maintenance.

Many have a hard time imagining exactly how they’ll escape the “rental trap.”

(I know about this first-hand: I was a renter for many years before I learned I could be a homeowner instead.)

If you feel this way, I’d like to extend a friendly introduction and invite you to have a conversation about how you might become a homeowner. You see, I specialize in helping people make the transition from renting to owning.

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