Windows 10 and the Calculator

If you’re like me you may hate what Microsoft did in replacing the calculator from Windows 7 and 8, with the over-sized tablet-centric calculator in Windows 10. If so, you can get the old version back.

Two days ago, my main system upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. Some of the changes I like, some not so much. The one that really irked me was the replacement of the small Windows 8.1 calculator with a ginormous tablet version for the Desktop.

Who needs such a large calculator – even on a tablet? Worse, the new version of the calculator never opens in the same spot on the desktop, and when you open it from the keyboard – it doesn’t take focus. (Taking focus means it moves to the foreground of the desktop and is the active window or program.)

If you liked the compactness of the Windows 7 & 8 calculator, here’s a link to get it back. I’ve already replaced mine!


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