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Not all that strong in math? Looking to demystify the truth behind various financial arrangements, mortgages, loans, offers, and situations? Check out this all-in-one financial calculator.

Financial health and stability depends upon making informed decisions about loans, debt, taxes, savings, and more. Unfortunately, most people (including first-time homebuyers!) lack a true understanding of how to apply math to help them clearly understand these essential areas.

While there are many specialized calculators out there for a particular area (say debt, or mortgage payments), there are few which consolidate all of the most popular financial calculators in one place. Not to mention, you can chalk up quite a bill paying $2 – $5 for each independent calculator you may need.

Recently I discovered CalcMoolator, a handy online collection of calculators which also has easy-to-use apps for both iOS and Android devices. The most popular calculators include:

*    Auto Lease vs. Buy
*    Auto Loan Estimate
*    First-Year Baby Costs
*    Estimate Your Credit Score
*    Pay Off My Credit Card Debt Sooner
*    My Lifetime Earnings
*    Salary to Hourly Wage
*    Rent vs. Buy
*    What If I Pay More?
*    Mortgage Payment Estimate

What’s more, you can even embed web-based CalcMoolator calculators in your own website/blog. It’s very handy for showing Rent vs. Buy and Mortgage Payment estimates.

Check out CalcMoolator for yourself:

Thinking about getting your “financial house in order” before you buy real estate? Let’s connect!

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